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Helping businesses remove hurdles that hinder revenue growth

Volt Marketing Consulting helps B2B businesses in Singapore solve marketing problems and optimise marketing efforts for increased revenue.

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Marketing isn't just about selling products — it's the art of telling your brand's story in a way that resonates.

When there is a meaningful connection with your audience, your revenue follows.

Our approach

We address challenges that are hindering your growth

Unbiased and objective expert marketing guidance | Volt B2B Digital Agency Singapore

Identify and intervene

Identify and address marketing problems early and often.

  • Value creation and capture
  • Value perception and communication
  • Brand foundations

Precision and optimisation

Use laser-guided, data-driven approaches to optimise marketing efforts.

  • Market focus and approaches
  • Advertising execution
  • Data analysis
  • Ad spend optimisation

Informed decisions

Use unbiased expert guidance fuelled by brutal honesty.

This unfiltered approach helps your business make clear and informed decisions.

Our process

We are especially good in tackling these marketing issues

If you're facing these marketing challenges, contact us — you're in good hands now.

If you are...

perceived as low quality

If your business has good products but still struggling with scaling revenue — it may indicate weak or inconsistent branding, messaging and often, visual identity.

If you are experiencing...

low product demand

If your offering is not appreciated by the market — you need to revisit the identified market, your offering and align them to real consumer needs.

This is a serious problem — address it without delay.

If you are experiencing...

poor sales conversion

If your business is experiencing low conversion rates — it suggests that there may be insufficient activation, user friction or unaddressed resistances.

If you are seeing...

little advertising success

If there's little success in your ad campaigns — then it's time to take a step back, refine your approach and make informed decisions.

Case study

How to triple your 7-figure revenue in 2 years?

Construction Image B2B Case Study Earnest — Volt Digital Singapore
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We specialise in untangling complex marketing challenges that often hinder the growth of B2B businesses

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What our clients say

The Volt team have been excellent in the service they provided to ActivEdge.

Beyond transforming our website, they have provided skilled and professional guidance to our marketing efforts. Highly recommended.
Kelvin Goh
VoltMeUp's fantastic!

So easy to deal with, and they instinctively understand what's needed for your business.

A real pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
Say Kwee Neng
One strategic Consulting
VoltMeUp's team were meticulous in understanding our project requirements and they were then able to communicate our message effectively to the intended audience. Issues and queries were promptly addressed and resolved.

Highly professional with proven experience in matured competitive environments.
Keelong Foo
I highly recommend VoltMeUp for anyone who is struggling with the next steps of their business. I was at a stalemate with my business, and was only able to move my business forward in ways that I never knew how until I received Kenneth’s guidance. His guidance and wisdom have been invaluable and my business is stronger because of it.

Do yourself a favor and give them a call!
James Lee
Green Grins

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We put a lot of ourselves into our work and do not take on more than we can handle


You're in good hands.

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