Volt is a brand & web agency in Singapore

We create unforgettable digital experiences

With no b*s* online marketing & high-performing websites

In a crowded online market, brands that have established a strong & trusted relationship with consumers will flourish,
and won't have to rely on low prices to attract customers.
Brand identity and design for Everwin Rubber
// Brand identity & design for Everwin Rubber
Content strategy and creation for Da Xi restaurant, Minor Food Group Singapore
// Content creation & executive production for Da Xi
High-performing web & eCommerce sites
No b*s* marketing
High-performing web & eCommerce sites
No b*s* marketing
High-performing web & eCommerce sites
No b*s* marketing
High-performing web & eCommerce sites
No b*s* marketing
IG video creation for Lula J Jewelry
// IG video assets for Lula J Jewelry

We love working with small brands

Especially those with big ambitions

The web is a wonderful place for small brands, but it's also becoming increasingly competitive.
To succeed, brands need to gain insights through first-party data, invest in online communities, and explore brand-to-brand collaborations.

We're all about helping small businesses like yours shine, and can't wait to work with you to create work that's both beautiful and intelligent, with a focus on your customers and your business goals.

By the time consumers are ready to buy, most already have a brand in mind.

Whether they're online or standing in your store

Let's craft a brand that customers will adore

At Volt, we're your digital major domus - we lead your customers from consideration to conversion with ease and elegance.

With our proactive whiteboarding sessions and seamless end-to-end process, we design a user experience that's smooth, stress-free, and stylish.

Consumer falling in love with your brandPrice Tag
  • Small business marketing

  • Brand identity & design

  • Web design & development

  • e-Commerce design & development

  • Progressive Web App design & development

  • 3D WebGL development

  • Executive production (Videos & motion graphics)

  • SEO, SEM & SMM campaign management

Featured work

We use our expertise in planning and web design to enhance and beautify the world around us. Whether it's through clever coding, a bit of strategically placed text, or a dash of flair, we love finding ways to make things better.

If you're an ambitious business looking for proven creatives with big agency experience, strong business ethics, and an insane sense of project ownership, then we're the perfect fit.
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Why Volt?

Zero worries

It's ridiculously easy

You can expect complete support from us - we do all the heavy-lifting, handling every content & design aspect for you.

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Why Volt?

Senior attention

Collaborate directly with the partners

Get your problems solved by the pros - our founders at Volt are seasoned industry veterans with deep & broad experience in small business marketing, digital marketing, and the creative arts. When it comes to your brand, we don't mess around - we bring our A-game and offer senior-level attention to your needs.

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Why Volt?

Brutally honest sessions

No b*s* marketing

Through candid and comprehensive assessments of your brand, online assets, and marketing process, we work with you to identify practical approaches and strategies for success.

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Why Volt?

Fast & agile

Reduce project risks with Agile/Scrum approach

Your project will see frequent and incremental stages with shorter feedback loops. For businesses already on Agile/Scrum, you will find us a natural fit.

CSM® Certified: 001370580

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Why Volt?

Proven creatives

Award-winners at your service

Since 2003, we have won 27 international creative awards from New York Festivals & Promax Global Excellence.

On the development side, we are fluent in React Native, Node JS, and Express JS, and are C|EH® & Certified Webflow® Experts.

Volt has won 27 international awards since 2003

6 helpful creatives

We create unforgettable digital experiences that transform the way people engage with brands

With a wicked combo of UI/UX, web design and development skills, plus 23 years of branding and marketing experience, we build digital experiences that tell your brand story in ways beyond what traditional marketing can offer.

Man with incredible tattoo art
Kenneth Poh // Strategy & Lead Creative
Man with incredible tattoo art
Jesse Igowe // Full-stack Developer
Man with incredible tattoo art
Viktoria Serdiuk // UI/UX Designer
Man with incredible tattoo art
Anton Sudano // Strategic Partner - SEM
Man with incredible tattoo art
Lawrence Ong // Strategic Partner - Videos

Client shout outs

"Videos are so important to keep my brand visible to my target market and Volt has helped with that tremendously!"

Jamie Yeo


"I highly recommend VoltMeUp for anyone who is struggling with the next steps of their business. I was at a stalemate with my business, and was only able to move my business forward in ways that I never knew how until I received Kenneth’s guidance. His guidance and wisdom have been invaluable and my business is stronger because of it.

Do yourself a favor and give them a call!"

James Lee

Green Grins

"As a newbie in online business, Kenneth has much articulated the initial concept required to build a successful one.

We engaged in a thought-provoking discussion that was greatly beneficial for me. He is attentive and has sharp observations on the ideas that you will bring online. Thank you Kenneth!"

Sinta D.