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Volt helps your business stand out from the clutter with practical marketing, beautiful websites, skilled SEO and engaging content.

Volt is supercharged to tackle all your digital marketing challenges | Volt Digital Agency Singapore
Brands & agencies we have worked with:

If you're an ambitious business looking for a proven marketing team with a high creative touch and an insane sense of project ownership,

then we're the perfect fit.

Brand identity and design for Everwin Rubber | Volt Digital Agency Singapore
// Brand identity, identity designs & website for Everwin Rubber
Volt digital team

Websites, SEO, and Google SEM experts

With a wicked combo of UI/UX web design, full-stack web development, SEO and advertising skills — we craft digital experiences that redefines how your brand engages with the world.

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Volt Video Team

Unlock a whole new level of customer engagements for your brand

Volt Marketing consulting

Get continuous growth with guided marketing and expert consultation

Volt's marketing consultants offer marketing leadership, expertise, impartiality, and advertising insights to help businesses achieve their growth aspirations.

From crafting strategy to ads execution, Volt's marketing consulting service helps you accelerate growth with reduced guesswork.

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Marketing consultation and advertising execution for | Volt Digital Agency Singapore
// Marketing Consulting for

What our clients say

"I highly recommend VoltMeUp for anyone who is struggling with the next steps of their business. I was at a stalemate with my business, and was only able to move my business forward in ways that I never knew how until I received Kenneth’s guidance. His guidance and wisdom have been invaluable and my business is stronger because of it.

Do yourself a favor and give them a call!"
James Lee
Green Grins
"VoltMeUp's team were meticulous in understanding our project requirements and they were then able to communicate our message effectively to the intended audience. Issues and queries were promptly addressed and resolved. Highly professional with proven experience in matured competitive environments."
Keelong Foo
"As a newbie in online business, Kenneth has much articulated the initial concept required to build a successful one.

We engaged in a thought-provoking discussion that was greatly beneficial for me. He is attentive and has sharp observations on the ideas that you will bring online. Thank you Kenneth!"
Sinta D.
"Videos are so important to keep my brand visible to my target market and Volt has helped with that tremendously!"
Jamie Yeo
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Clients that benefit most from Volt

At Volt, we're dedicated to helping ambitious entrepreneurs with a burning desire to scale up and expand aggressively.

If you're truly committed to pushing boundaries, you've come to the right place.

Ambition for Growth

Scaling means being prepared to compete in a challenging landscape. If you're ready to roll with the punches, we're there in the ring with you.

Willingness to Invest

Scaling up often requires investment — not just in terms of money but also time and effort. We're here for clients who understand the value of strategic investments and are prepared to make them.

Data-Driven Mindset

Our approach is deeply rooted in data and analytics. If you're ready to harness the power of data to drive growth, we're ready to join forces.

Innovation Enthusiast

Embracing innovation is key to staying ahead. If you're excited about exploring new ideas, technologies, and tactics, we're your kind of partner.

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We take pride in our work and cannot compromise quality by taking on more than we can handle.


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